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decoration-flowerAfter you set a reception venue, find the perfect dress, prepare a list of invitations, and prepare uniforms for families and relatives, the next thing to consider is choose the type of flower what will you use? Dried Flowers or Fresh Flowers?

You’ll pay for what kind of flowers? Or how the flower decoration? As we know that the real flower is very expensive. First you must consider the type of your wedding, whether traditional, if so then there are many kinds of flowers you can consider.

Where the place to decorate with flowers? reception venue? Buttonhole? Corsage? Or even wedding cake. You should also think about time, since the original flowers bloom naturally only at certain times in one year although you can get it imported. Colors should also be considered so that kind of interest you have chosen in accordance with the wedding dress and uniforms of other committees.

There are many kinds of flowers to choose from starting from the tulips that have different colors and shapes, dafodil always look cheerful and bright, particularly when placed for decorating on the table. Roses have many colors and you will get an extra bonus because the fragrant smell.

Other options of the type of flower which you can use the silk flowers that look very real so that no one knows the difference between the original flower, this flower has a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors while not having the smell.

The flowers rate is not much different from the original flower but with many arrangement you see may be able to cut spending to buy from different types of stores. The advantage of using this flower is that you can choose and order flowers before the wedding day without problems such the flower will wither.

With this kind of flowers you can choose any flowers you like because it does not know the flower season unlike Fresh Flowers. You can use it to decorate the table and a wedding cake because it does not damage the flowers, made an impression, and leaving the powder. Additional benefits of using this kind of flower is that you can save it after the wedding as a hit-happy memories of your day.

You can use Dried Flowers that can be sown in the option table or in the place of marriage. So whatever your choice there are many options and a mixture of shared species florist flowers and decoration are also available for you.

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