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green weddings-eco friendlyWedding component is usually consists of planning, invitations, rings, choosing a location and others. You can get some of those components much cheaper than usual in order to saving the costs with green weddings which mean that the material of your wedding also support the program going green and saving the planet.

Early planning
Make sure you create a short list guest list. Invite fewer people means less consumption of food, beverages, decorations and everything. As a wedding planner, you have to use two things, reuse and recycle. If you know someone who just got married, then perhaps they have some decorations, silk flower, ideas, or suggestions that can be reused or recycled and save you time to research these things!

Use recycled paper for your invitations. By using recycled paper, you can save a lot of paper and lots of trees, especially considering how many pieces of paper could be saved. It can also use electronic communications for invitations, updates, and replies. Save money and paper by announcing, inviting, and renew people online or via email. You can also ask people to respond online or by email. This method is easier, even though for some situations still have to use paper invitations. You can also get an invitation that is made from bamboo. When printing your invitations, make sure the ink you use, not toxic.

Wedding rings
Select a simple ring. Simple ring will take less energy and natural resources than the more complicated. Try a wooden wedding ring also. A wooden wedding ring, although not traditional, do not require natural resources or energy as required for most rings.

Location selection
Choose a place outdoors or outside the room and find a free. Choosing a place like the garden area or part of a beautiful beach and free because it’s easy to access. Think about where your invitation comes. Try to find a place in the middle. After all, the closer your guests to travel, getting cheaper for them and thrifty gasoline. If you choose in the room, choose one that has windows. Try to choose places that have natural light so you do not have to use much electricity.

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