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PostHeaderIcon The idea to reduce the cost of wedding

WeddingPlanFor those of you who will soon hold a wedding reception, the budget cost would be a cumbersome job. Moreover, if the funds you have somewhat mediocre. The following are the things you need to consider to reduce the cost of your wedding:

1. Check the fine guest list you’ve made, whether it is possible to reduce the number of invitations. Reducing the number of guests can save some money that can be allocated for other purposes.

2. Invitations and souvenirs will usually spend a lot of funds. If you feel creative enough, why not make their own invitations and souvenirs? You can open multiple sites such as to see a number of ideas as well as learn step by step construction.

3. Instead of renting the building as a reception venue, it is better to consider the possibility to do it at home to save costs.

4. Take advantage of social networking to get your special discount, for example for the services of photographers, catering, entertainment, and many others. If you have friends who are good at photography, ask for help to document your happy moments.

5. Rather than buying an expensive wedding dress is better to rent in order to reduce the cost of wedding.